Recently published article by Börries Kuzmany

Kuzmany, B. (2020). Vid impers’koho narodu do nacional’noji menšyny. Ministerstvo velykorus’kych sprav v Ukrajini, 1917–18 rr. [Vom Staatsvolk zur nationalen Minderheit. Das Ministerium für großrussische Angelegenheiten in der Ukraine, 1917–1918].

In this paper Börries Kuzmany discusses the circumstances surrounding the creation of a ministry for the Russian minority in revolutionary Ukraine, as well as the legislative process governing the protection of minorities in general. “Vid impers’koho narodu do nacional’noï menšyny. Ministerstvo velykorus’kyx sprav v Ukraïni, 1917–18 rr. [From the Great Russian People to a National Minority: The Ministry of Great Russian Affairs in Ukraine, 1917–1918],“ Ukraïna Moderna 29, 2020, 164–188 [in Ukrainian].

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